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I made my 100th skydive a few weeks ago at Skydive Kansas City, and officially joined the ranks of the 100 jump wonders!

I anticipated my 100th jump for weeks and I was so excited to finally hit triple digits! Making 100 jumps was a goal that I had set for myself, and looked forward to before I had even earned my A license.

Skydive Kansas City provided a great experience for that memorable jump, I couldn’t have asked for anything better! We all geared up, got on board the King Air, got a nice surprise of a little extra altitude (almost 16,000 feet! Big thank you to the DZO and pilot!) and I exited with a couple of wing suiters and did my first wing suit rodeo – which was a blast.

After flying around the DZ on the back of my wing suiter until about 5,500 feet, I deployed straight off of his back (which was a very different experience, and made for great video!), and then I flew around under canopy kicking my feet and spiraling to my heart’s content while I screamed “I LOVE SKYDIVING!” at the top of my lungs – giggling like it was my first skydive.

After a nice, soft  landing, I happily accepted the glass of celebratory gin spiked lemonade provided by my boyfriend – and I then received the pie-ing of a lifetime.

As I was being hit in the face with pies from every angle, covered in whipped cream and chocolate sauce, I realized something – as awesome as it was to hit jump number one hundred, I didn’t really know any more than I did at number ninety-nine.

I decided that I wanted to do something with 100 jumps. I want to help teach the newbies. And I don’t want to just half-ass my way into a coach rating – I want to earn it. I want to learn every single little bit of knowledge that I can get my hands on, and pass that knowledge on to new skydivers. So the studying begins. Between now and June 8th, there will be lots of studying, note-taking, and practicing evaluation jumps. Beginning June 8th, I will be spending 3 days in Jen Sharp’s Coach Course out at Skydive Kansas.

And then the planning starts for the next One Jump at a Time Event for charity. And this time? We’re going to see how many drop zones in different states that we can fly to and jump at in one day to raise money for heart disease. Exciting!

Blue Skies!