I realized today that I still needed to renew my USPA membership. After filling out the form, I am amazed by how much my life in skydiving has changed in the past year.

This will be my 3rd year as a skydiver.

It took me two years to make 25 jumps and get my A License.

Now, granted – I broke myself on one of my student jumps, my original home DZ (Archway) closed down for awhile after a fatality, winds and bad weather were constantly against me (I even earned the nickname “Wind Hold” at one point last year, “Storm” at another because everytime I showed up at the dz, the winds picked up or it rained), I was sick and still learning how to deal with my heart disease symptoms, and I could only jump on Sundays due to work… However, that being said – it took me 2 YEARS to get my A license. I got in April of 2011 on my friend Christopher’s birthday. At Archway. The only DZ I had jumped at for 2 years.

Now moving on to today…

In the last year:

  • I have made 78 skydives between April of 2011 and today. (I’m at 98 total)
  • I got my A License and B License
  • I have traveled to and jumped at ten different drop zones.
  • I went to my first boogie.
  • I jumped out of eight different types of airplanes, and a helicopter.
  • I made three night jumps – the last on New Years Eve, right at midnight.
  • I flew 15 minutes in a wind tunnel.
  • I went from not being able to flat pack, to teaching students how to pro pack.
  • I bought my own rig, and paid it off.
  • I downsized from a student 230 main, to a PD 190, to a PD 170, to my current Sabre 150.
  • I demo’d a Pulse 150. That landing hurt.
  • I landed on my feet a lot, and also crashed in quite a bit. (I still don’t PLF. My crash landings go like this: foot, hand, face.)
  • I had on target landings, cornfield landings, soybean field landings, a desert landing, and one landing about 2 miles away from the drop zone.

And I did it all with a heart condition.

It just goes to show you – even if someone says you can’t do something, maybe you can. And you can even do it 98 times, with style. ;).

Blue Skies!