I just received my CardioNet monitor in the mail. This was a huge surprise, because I wasn’t even expecting to receive a phone call about the monitoring for at least another week.

Merry Christmas, here is your event monitor!

So the last time I was on one of these, it was huge and boxy and required a landline phone connection.
This time? Just two electrodes with wires that you attach to pads on your chest, right and left side, and the actual monitor is as small as a pager – no landline required. Score, right? …. Not so much.
When you hit the ‘record’ button, this thing emits a high pitched, finger-nails-on-a-chalkboard-style modem noise for 30 seconds, and it’s as loud as a freight train. It almost sounds like a small animal being murdered. Seriously.
The first time I pushed the button this morning, I wound up taking the battery out to make the noise stop. I thought they had sent me a defective monitor. But, yes, it is supposed to make that horrid noise when you press record. So basically any time I plan on hitting the button, I need to smother this thing with a pillow, or go to a secluded area. How convenient.
I am also on this monitor 24 hours a day, for 30 days – not 14 as I had originally thought. So I should probably get used to the freight train squealing noise!

I fully intend to gear up in Florida, shove this thing down the front of my jumpsuit or rubber band it to my chest strap, and hit record as I exit the plane. That should make for an interesting report 😉