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My follow up appointment with my cardiologist was not what I expected.

Although my aortic valve is leaking, apparently the doctor does not think that the regurgitation is what is causing my symptoms. Translation? I might have something else in addition to what I already have.
“Yes, you do have a form of valvular heart disease. However, I don’t think this is what is causing your problem.”

Somebody just fix it already!

The plan of action? Fourteen days on a CardioNet monitor – worn 24 hours a day. After the monitor comes off, appointments with a Cardiopulmonary specialist and a Cardioelectrophysiologist will follow.

You have to have a connection to a landline to make daily data uploads with the monitor, so it looks like I won’t be starting the CardioNet monitoring until AFTER Florida. I will have to pay to set up a landline in my house just for this.
Pain. In. The. Ass.

The medical bills are adding up, the bank account is dwindling.

Important questions: Another doctor’s office visit – or another skydive? How many jumps is the echo costing me?!? 😉

This humor is entirely lost on my cardiologist, he looks at me like I am a dumbass. Double dumbass points if I mention altitude! 🙂